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The way of life is full of surprises. Sometimes these surprises can come in a sort of cost. It’s possible you need some quick income to shell out hospital expenses or higher tuition fees. When you need to get dollars in the fastest and easiest way possible, payday loans are a remedy for your urgent financial claims.

Payday loans are beneficial for men and women dire wanting a quick income. Temporary individual loans from bank institutions will take a lot of time and documents. Sometimes, individuals are unable to avail such financial loans due to the fact of insufficient credit ratings or lack of collateral. Payday loans are useful in such cases.

Financial payday loans are a kind of mortgage exactly where you use your income as collateral. Payday loans are small-phrase, so they mature faster, usually within thirty-90 days. When the payday mortgage payment is due, you can pay for it from your paycheck or you can renew the mortgage.


Payday loans have higher interest rates than standard or individual loan

Payday loans

 Curiosity premiums can range from as low as $ 10 to as substantial as $ 40 for every $ 100 you borrow. Interest rates vary for each lending agency, and you can also look up the rate for payday mortgage numbers.

Service fees for payday loans can be calculated on a weekly or monthly basis. You need to go for a big lending agency to deal with this to make a print difference. Multiple payday loans have interest rates that can get up to 3 digits if made up annually, so that you can pay off the financial loan schedule.

If you are interested in getting a payday loan, it is recommended to know the needs of the 1st. Many lending companies have small needs, you can take advantage of a payday financial loan. You need to have proof of steady, complete time to keep working and that you have a bank account. Of course, you should be grownup to avail a payday loan.

A lot of lenders need to create postdated checks in their favor or create a bank debit authorization, payment guarantee. Once on the payday mortgage payment, the lender will debit your bank account or check the cash.


Payday loans are ideal for people

Payday loans are ideal for people

It is deal for those who are very urgent and crucial requirements, it’s kind of an emergency. Nevertheless, poor knowledge of payday loans can be catastrophic for fiscal health. You only had to borrow a small amount of dollars that could be paid out in a quick amount of time. Otherwise, you will be terminated by paying for a payday financial loan that has doubled or tripled in measurement.

Never dare to cancel a payday financial loan in advance, on a date if likely, and release your finances. This way you will avoid paying much more money for curiosity andother service fees. In addition, it can be a very good way to boost your credit rating and make it less difficult to get an additional financial loan next time.


Looking for the biggest deals

payday loans

There are many lending corporations on the net, providing low cost stages. Despite the fact that there are many companies that offer sincere and reliable loans, there are also some types of scams and fraud.

You need to look for the ideal payday financial loan spec that supplies the lowest interest rates and ideal terms of service possible. On some sites you will examine a lot of online lending companies, so be sure to do your research before signing up.

To choose the best payday loans, loan companies that have been established in the field of interest lending, area search for the best one that has been in business for many, many years. A good lender would also obviously state the fees, rates and terms of the payday financial loan you are interested in.

Once you have located a very good financial institution delivering ideal phrases and rates, you may find there are some checking needs. Many online loan companies do not require your credit score report, but you may also be required to provide some documentation. Use a payday mortgage only when you meet the requirements and if you are eligible for a full financial loan you pay for the term.


Keep away from anything

money loans

Financial payday loans can turn out to be an expensive nightmare if you are not very careful. All means never get a payday loan to shell out extended phrase costs. The payday mortgage only had to be purchased quickly and for urgent needs, and needed to be reimbursed off in full according to your subsequent salary.

Be sure you can spend off the mortgage before applying for it. Borrow only small amounts and shell out them as soon as possible. Don’t get a payday financial loan just for the heck of it or pay for a standard household expense. Therefore, it can cause a lot of cycle borrowing and shelling out that can lead to economic disaster.

Payday loans are simple and convenient alternate options for individual and financial institution loans. So if you need money fast and there will be no paperwork hassles take advantage of a payday mortgage. Just be sure to decide on a loan company properly and on time to pay the financial loan. Online payday loans

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25 Year Credit Purchase (300 months): Tips and Solutions Sat, 19 Oct 2019 10:42:29 +0000

Borrowing over 25 years as part of a credit redemption can be a very good solution, explanations about this repayment term and interest to the borrower.

Repurchase of loans: reduce the rate or the monthly payment

Repurchase of loans: reduce the rate or the monthly payment

You can lend two directions to the purchase of credit, there is first the operation that allows you to negotiate a rate with another bank, this is called the repurchase of mortgage. This funding simply reduces the amount of interest that must be repaid by opting for a lower rate and therefore more attractive. This requires that new terms of repayment be put in place, either the borrower opts for a duration similar to its current loan and reduces its monthly payment, or it opts for a shorter duration and a monthly payment unchanged.

This operation is sometimes confused with the grouping of credits which also allows to buy not one but several credits at a time. The interest of this financing is to put everything flat to enjoy a reduced monthly payment, which is made possible with the extension of the repayment period. The rate is also reviewed, it can sometimes be lower but when the amount of credits is important, it is usually a few points above real estate rates.

Repaying your repurchase of 25-year loans

Repaying your repurchase of 25-year loans

Thus, repaying a smaller monthly payment involves extending the duration, many borrowers will apply for a period of 25 years, or 300 months. The duration of 25 years is a good compromise between a lighter monthly payment and moderate interest, because indeed the longer the duration and the higher the total cost will be important, so we must find a happy medium to allow the borrower to repaying your mortgage and consumer loans in good conditions.

The choice of the duration will mainly take place according to the capacity of repayment of the household, a study is thus quickly carried out to determine the amount of the monthly payment that it is possible to refund, taking into account a margin of manœuvre . Thus, most cases involving the repurchase of at least one mortgage are proposed over a period of 25 years, this duration can obviously be refined more precisely, this is done during the study of the file.

Simulate your 25-year credit redemption

Simulate your 25-year credit redemption

The 25-year term is a good alternative between reduced monthly payments and the total cost of credit, so we need to be able to quickly obtain a financing estimate taking into account both the amounts of loans to be bought back and the capacity of the household to be repaid. debts. This can be done directly online at the turn of a simulation, it is simply a form that allows you to solicit different credit institutions to obtain offers to buy loans over 25 years and compare the proposals. Before any subscription, a cooling off period must be respected in accordance with the credit legislation.

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Notary fees for a redemption of cash: how much, who pays them? Fri, 20 Sep 2019 11:31:00 +0000

The purchase of a rebate involves buying back the real estate portion of a co-borrower, an approach involving going to a notary to recover full ownership of the property, fees may vary depending on the situation.

The redemption fee

The redemption fee

A redemption of balance can occur in two cases, a separation or a succession following the death of the owner of the property. It is simply a financial compensation that corresponds to the share of the value of the good. That is to say that in the context of property held by two spouses, their shares are generally 50% each. The amount of the rebate takes into account the value of the current property and especially the capital already repaid if a loan is in progress.

Several fees may occur in connection with a redemption of balance:

  • Debt separation costs (if a loan is subscribed to two)
  • Redemption fees

The formalization of the redemption of balance is obligatorily before a notary, the latter will apply fees or fees corresponding to the drafting of the authentic deed to designate the new owner and thus, the liquidation of the former. The amount of these fees may rise to 8% according to the notaries’ offices.

Who pays the redemption fee?

Who pays the redemption fee?

The fees of notaries will depend on the type of redemption of balance. In the context of a succession, the expenses will be shared between the heirs to the extent of their shares in the property. That is to say, the 8% of notary fees will be divided by the number of heirs, taking into account the redemption of balance by one of the heirs. In the context of a divorce, former spouses take their share of the notary fees. It is therefore important to know that these costs are in addition to the amount of the balance, they are not included in the amount.

In addition, the amount of the balance is calculated by the notary, he can also mandate a real estate expert to obtain an updated amount of the value of the property in relation to the market. If former spouses or heirs manage to agree, it is possible to avoid this assessment and to buy the balance. The calculation comes down to the amount of the net good divided by the number of owners, the one who buys simply has to add the units to buy back to know the amount of the balance.

How much does it cost to buy a rebate?

How much does it cost to buy a rebate?

It should be known that the cash flow will be added to the amount of the mortgage which is being refunded in the context of a divorce and that it is generally necessary to support this financing alone (with a separation of the debt for the former spouse) . For heirs, it is possible to rely on his savings or to solicit a loan (real estate or consumption depending on the amount), so include the cost of credit in the amount of fees related to the purchase of cash.

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Driving License Credit for the Unemployed Fri, 23 Aug 2019 10:36:42 +0000

Unemployment loans are granted in particular for the purchase of cars or the financing of driving licenses. Driving licenses and cars are mandatory in many industries. The problem is the drivers license loan for the unemployed? If you need your driver’s license to improve your chances on the job market, unemployed people can hope for grants from the employment office or the employment agency. In this guide, you will learn how such a driving license can look like and whether a payment in installments for the driver’s license is possible.

Loans for the unemployed

Loans for the unemployed

The basic requirement for a loan through a house bank is a regular income. Because the unemployed have no regular income, it seems almost impossible to get a loan. However, since loans for the unemployed are beneficial for both the banks and the unemployed under certain conditions, much is said in the economy about loans for the unemployed.

Unemployment benefits are almost impossible at large, existing institutions. However, many banks have rethought: because of their qualifications, many unemployed people have excellent opportunities in the market. For most of the unemployed, the potential for a future income from employment is thus given. Due to the lack of regular earnings, the loan for the unemployed is tied to a variety of conditions.

Another plus is a positive credit bureau decision that reduces credit risk from the bank’s perspective. Of particular benefit is the high unemployment benefit. As an unemployed person, care should generally be taken to limit consumption considerably. Loans should be given only for livelihood or educational investment.

For example, the purchase of tools, work equipment or training is conceivable. The unemployed who claim a loan must pay it within a certain period, so the unemployment benefit should only be used when absolutely necessary. Lending for the unemployed is not excluded. Unemployed loans are normal installment loans for low-income people. It is granted mainly in cases where real estate financing is an indispensable condition for a new job.

Unemployment loans are mainly given for the purchase of cars or driver’s license financing. Driving licenses and cars are compulsory in many industries. However, a trip or a Caribbean vacation and a sports car are not valid reasons for lending. They are not really there to start a business and are therefore not suitable for a loan for the unemployed.

Anyone who needs a loan as an unemployed person to get a job in the future or to pay understandable things can get it from us. Regardless of the state of unemployment, we are granting the loan to the unemployed. We are aware that unemployed people in many cases need to borrow. As unemployed people can quickly enter an economic cycle.

No financial expenses or loans can be made without a fixed salary.

No financial expenses or loans can be made without a fixed salary.

However, lack of access to credit often makes it difficult to find a job or to purchase equipment. However, it is not uncommon for costs to be incurred for a new position. If a permanent position is on the horizon or a loan for a new job, we will provide you with this loan.

For the unemployed, the conditions for a loan are extremely advantageous and depend on the specific circumstances. Unemployment loans can therefore create the opportunity to ease the situation and pave the way out of unemployment. When deciding whether a loan makes sense, we support you and give you a loan that is tailored to your individual life situation.

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Credit Bureau Fast – instant loan online Thu, 15 Aug 2019 10:42:07 +0000

The credit bureau points influence the lending. I have debts and a negative credit bureau entry. Is a credit bureau query absolutely necessary? Urgent credit without credit bureau in just a few days. Apply successfully for an express loan without credit bureau. fleshes this out

credit bureau Company Information: Reliable, Comprehensive, and Fast

credit bureau Company Information: Reliable, Comprehensive, and Fast

for 28.50 ,¬. 100 $ “249 There are no details about this company. The risk of payment problems is well below the average. 250 $ “349 There is no information on There were no payment issues with this company. The risk of payment problems is below average. 350 $ “499 There is no information on There are no payment issues with this company.

The risk of payment problems is increasing. 500 $ “599 There are petty bugs about this business. The risk of further payment problems is increasing. There are 600 insolvency data available through this company. Status: The company is registered in the commercial register. Sector of business: Business objective: Purpose of the company: Consulting of third parties, esp. Advertising companies involved in the creation and distribution of advertising materials, new media, new technologies, creation and organization of program contributions, business entertainment and other media, the perception and teaching of services and advertising opportunities in Media, as well as the execution of all business business, which the association has to promote directly or indirectly.

For further questions please contact our credit bureau service number. We are available from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 19:00 at 0611 – 92780. The information is intended for the website only. Recipient may use or process the information provided only for the intended purpose.

2 million $ “5 million USD Employees: 15 $” 20 Capital: 25,650.00 USD The values ​​given here may be based in part on industry averages. Contacts of Dr. Ing. med. Maxustermann to other companies: Protocol is available for download. Select credit bureau Corporate Information “for more information.

High damage. How to reduce your economic commitment. All self-employed are happy about a new order. Information about the creditworthiness of a company. Defaults is one of 5.2 million companies.

Improve credit bureau Score: 10 credit enhancement tips

Improve credit bureau Score: 10 credit enhancement tips

A third mobile phone contract is closed and the fourth loan application rejected: this may be due to a poor credit bureau rating. The credit bureau Basic result is often the basis for a trusting cooperation that safeguards corporate interests and protects the clientele from any over-indebtedness. Reason enough to optimize your own credit bureau score.

Therefore, for good reasons, many people are interested in increasing their own credibility and thus their credibility. The article gives you important hints for fast and short-term optimization of the credit bureau Score and gives you answers to the following questions: How long does it take to realize an optimization of your own credit bureau?

What are the possibilities and dangers of turning a bad credit bureau rating into a good credit bureau base rating? Sometimes they crawl into the file and affect the rating. In order to eliminate such errors and so that the basic assessment can be improved quickly, the consumer must prove false information.

An important factor in improving the credit bureau rating is excellent payment behavior. Delays do not necessarily have to be reported to the credit bureau by the company, but the likelihood of occurrence increases with each past week. A balanced balance sheet is the basis for a good credit rating. In general, it is advantageous if a consumer has a bank account.

Otherwise, the credit bureau lacks important information, so that the score is usually subordinate. Also too many accounts can have a negative effect on the result. This regulation is a testament to the banks’ trust in consumers, which is well interpreted by the credit agencies. This increases the opportunities to increase the credit bureau scoring and thus increase the creditworthiness.

If a consumer applies for a loan, a negative development of the scoring is conceivable. If the credit bureau receives a “loan application” from several banks, it is assumed that some applications were rejected. As a consequence, a negative credit rating of the potential borrower is assumed.

The credit bureau in this case provides information about how a possible loan affects the creditworthiness. Thus, the credit check in the credit bureau file is more neutral and does not make the score worse. The observation of the developments in different credit bureau scores shows that frequent relocations and banks have a negative influence on the creditworthiness.

A stable lifestyle brings an increase in the credit bureau score and contributes to it. She pointed out that employment and earnings information is not recorded and evaluated. However, the file includes information about the date of birth, including the demographic consumer. To what extent these data influence the score is doubtful.

It happens nowadays that fraudulent persons enter into business relationships under a false company name. For the consumer there is a risk that the data will be used by third parties. These consequences are at the expense of the consumer. In order to prevent similar situations, these can be submitted after the credit bureau.

If unused accounts or contracts exist, it is advisable to cancel them to increase the credit bureau score. Consumers are encouraged to focus on the business relationships they really need. One or the other contract gives the appearance of a high creditworthiness and credibility. But too many have a bad influence on the score.

Therefore, unused credit cards should be deleted as soon as possible in order to increase the creditworthiness. Anyone who discusses the settlement of the open invoice with the companies and employees concerned in a transparent manner ensures a clear structuring of their own economic reality. Thus, as a rule, possible solutions can be discussed and a negative entry in the credit bureau file can be prevented.

What are the results of credit bureau and what are the differences between the results? To improve the credit bureau rating, it is necessary to know the composition and differences of the individual grades. When evaluating credit bureau, we can differentiate between two different explanations: the latter is particularly relevant for companies as it reflects payment behavior in comparative relationships of the past.

As a rule, when setting up a possible long-term business relationship between two partners, the so-called scoring system is used. How long does the credit bureau score take to improve? Exact calculation of the probability values ​​is an insider tip of the credit bureau.The evaluation is adjusted every three months due to possible innovations of other companies.

The duration of a possible credit bureau score improvement is therefore at least a quarter. The grade may contain the following information for the calculation: The credit bureau thus documents everything that makes it possible to reconcile the risk of default with other consumers. In general, the more serious the new information, the stronger the impact on grades. Further information on the credit bureau result can be found in our article credit bureau Result: How to determine your rating.

Does the unemployment rate affect the credit bureau?

Does the unemployment rate affect the credit bureau?

No, the unemployment rate has no direct influence on the credit bureau score. The profession of a consumer is not covered by the credit bureau. Can legal action against the credit bureau be initiated in case of data errors? Does the credit bureau score influence the international business? For internationally active companies, it is possible to ask for the credit bureau score and to take it into account when assessing the creditworthiness of a consumer.

The claim by the institute concerned depends on the corresponding company policy and can only be applied for from the company itself. Are memories, pledges and collections recorded in the credit bureau score? The collection or bankruptcy procedure is included as a negative feature in the credit bureau file. Does corporate insolvency affect credit bureau’s private information? In the event of insolvency of a company, consumers are liable with their own capital for the payment obligations of the company.

Also in this case the private value decreases. In the case of a stock corporation, the company is an independent legal entity and thus legally independent of the natural partnership. In exceptional cases, the credit bureau score can be negative. What are the effects of a recalculation of the credit bureau score? In the case of a loan application, the rating has a decisive influence on the conditions.

It should be noted that the chances of success in negative reports, such as bankruptcies, can quickly go to zero. At a very low score, the house bank can claim more securities from the consumer.

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I’m going to buy a home: the biggest financial issues Fri, 09 Aug 2019 15:07:28 +0000 Are you about to buy a property? Congrats! Young or old, the purchase of a home is always a pivotal moment in your life … Whether it will also be a successful adventure depends to a large extent on financing.

Have you paid a correct price? And what about the price-quality ratio and insurance for your home loan? Discover here how you can best tackle these financial issues, so that you can turn your housing project into a dream project.

Buying a house: are you paying a correct price?

Buying a house: are you paying a correct price?

According to one overvalued, according to the other still far from saturated; Much has been said and written about the Belgian housing market . However, those who want to buy a home themselves often do not have the time or capital reserves to await the perfect moment for their investment . Fortunately, there are also a number of factors that you control:

  • Do you have a specific residential area in mind? Keep a close eye on real estate prices in the area and immediately grab an opportunity.
  • Take a look daily at viewfinder sites. That way you have a good idea of ​​market prices.
  • Determine your budget in advance and never go over it.

Got the best loan?

Got the best loan?

Have you signed a compromise or a provisional sales agreement? Then buying a home is no longer a dream. Just take out a home loan and have the deed executed by the notary, and the time has come! Nevertheless, the search for a mortgage loan is not a step where you can pass lightly.

A good or bad price-quality ratio, it saves an end on the total invoice. Comparing is therefore the message. Start with online simulations and also make agreements with different banks.

Buying property: comparing debt balance insurance pays off!

Buying <a href=property: comparing debt balance insurance pays off!” />

Insurances are one step that you should certainly not overlook. And then we are not only talking about fire insurance, but also about debt balance insurance.

Although not mandatory, it is necessary to offer your relatives a carefree future. Just as with the home loan, you can freely choose the institution with which you take out a balance insurance policy. It goes without saying that those who make a thorough comparison claim the best price-quality ratio . Performing an online simulation is a good start!

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Social Media loan verification Wed, 24 Jul 2019 08:53:31 +0000

Why do lenders look at Social Media?

Why do lenders look at Social Media?

When we send the loan application, the information we enter will be thoroughly verified to confirm that it is true. In addition, they serve to check how we deal with handling financial obligations. Thanks to the access to the credit history at the Credit Information Bureau and the databases of business information offices, loan companies can estimate the high risk associated with granting us a loan. Another form of ensuring that there is no attempt to extort money is a transfer with a verification fee made from the bank account of which we are the owner. All these activities help to protect the client against excessive debt and the company against losses resulting from non-repayment. However, some lenders go further to get to know the potential borrower better. Profile analysis on a social networking site is becoming a new standard for verifying requesters. The best source of information in this field is Social Media.

Social Media loan

Social Media loan

Eicredit was the first on the Polish non-banking market to check people applying for a loan through a popular social network. The whole procedure is that instead of filling out the application on the lender’s website, we register via a Social Media account . To do this, we must log in to your profile. Thanks to this, some data will be automatically completed, which will significantly reduce time for formalities. At the same time, we agree to let the company have full access to the content of our public account (information indicated by us as available to everyone). Everything is analyzed – from keywords, through photos, number of friends to consumer behavior. When sharing a profile, we’ll receive a PLN 25 rebate on the loan. The solution is optional, i.e. we have no obligation to give the lender’s consent to x-ray Social Media. Cryptobank pays slightly less, i.e. PLN 10, for confirming personal data through this portal. Hypocredit has also introduced the option of faster and more convenient registration and data control without the need for a verification transfer. All loan companies ensure that the shared data is completely secure and is not transferred to anyone else, e.g. marketers, etc.

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Why do I have to send 1 CZK for a loan? Mon, 08 Jul 2019 15:43:41 +0000

Borrowing money is really easy today, especially when it comes to less money. In addition to banks, non-banking companies offer loans on the market, which you can simply apply for online from the comfort of your home. The online loan replaces the inflexible and slow system of banks, where you can have money in your account just minutes after applying.

The online loan application will take a few moments. All you have to do is choose the amount, fill in some personal information and attach your ID card. With regard to responsible lending, most companies require proof of employment income. This protects not only yourself but also you so that you will not be in a situation where you will not be able to fulfill your obligations.

Apply for a loan only with your own account!

Apply for a loan only with your own account!

The final step in approving the application is to verify the account holder, which is required by law when concluding a remote loan and if the funds are paid to a bank account. This increases the risk of fraud and misuse of your personal information (for example, in the event of the loss of your identity card) and ensures that the intermediary is sending money directly to your hands.

There are several ways to verify your account owner. Most often you can meet the condition of sending a verification 1 CZK with the required variable symbol to the creditor’s bank account.

Of course, the verification payment is completely secure and without any risk of misuse of your account. Another way, though less convenient, to prove that you are the account owner is to send the company a statement of your account with all its particulars or confirmation of the right of disposal of the account. But beware, not all companies accept this method.

How is it abroad?

How is it abroad?

Interesting is the legal regulation of client identification in other countries. Indeed, the statutory verification payment is not quite common and similar legislation as the Czech Republic has only neighboring Austria.

It should be noted, however, that other EU countries have made good progress towards the so-called digital economy, while the Czech Republic is only in the preparatory phase, and in the vast majority of these strategies have only remained on paper. Since 2018 citizens have been issued electronic identity cards with a chip, but their usability is still minimal, and video identification is almost unknown in our country.

It’s different, but you pay extra


As mentioned above, the Account Holder Verification Regulation only applies to cashless payments. If you apply for an online loan that will be paid out in cash, there is no need to verify your bank account. The request proceeds as described above without sending a verification payment, but may take up to 48 hours to process. Cash loans also have their drawbacks elsewhere. Their big disadvantage is to pick up the finances themselves, where you can use only two options. You can pick up the money directly from your broker or at the points of sale (eg petrol station). Individual installments are then sent by bank transfer. If you do not have the opportunity to collect the money in person, you can use the “delivery” service.In this case, a sales representative visits you and gives you the money directly at your home. Payments are sent either by bank transfer or through a sales representative who will regularly pay for them. Cash loans are usually subject to additional fees due to higher administration and therefore lose out in competition with non-cash loans.

The complexity of identifying an account holder slows down the entire loan application process and may discourage some new clients. The possibility of identification (though difficult) at a distance was nevertheless a big step forward, as identification was carried out only in the physical presence of clients into the new legislation. Lawmakers are aware of this unsatisfactory situation and, following the example of Germany, the United Kingdom and other states, deal with a possible amendment of the law.

We at Good Lender are also guided by the responsibility imposed on us by the Czech National Bank. Although we know that account holder verification is holding us back, this investment of time is a small tax on the security of our clients. We always try to find the easiest way to maintain the maximum comfort when applying for our loan.

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Customer Panel in payday loans online Tue, 02 Jul 2019 09:17:09 +0000 When choosing an online loan from a non-bank institution, we are often obliged to create our account otherwise known as the Customer Panel. Thanks to this, we don’t have to complete the whole application from the beginning with the next loan. We only mark the amount that interests us and the repayment period. We have completed other data.

And what if we do not intend to use the services of the company again, then should the account be deleted? Read the article below to learn how to delete an account at a loan company and whether it is worth doing at all. As an example, we will use three leading loan companies – Hypocredit, Hillarum and Zengga.

Creating a Customer Profile

Creating a Customer Profile

In all three companies, completing the first loan application is tantamount to creating a Customer Panel. This type of account can be a huge convenience, because we will have all the information about the obligations incurred in a given company in one place. Additionally, by applying for another payday loan we save time, all we have to do is log in to the profile and choose the amount and period for which we want to take out the loan. At Hypocredit, all contracts are signed electronically and stored in an e-archive, to which we have access by logging into the Customer Profile. The company has abandoned sending documents by traditional mail. In addition, after logging into the Customer Panel, Hypocredit informs us about current individually created offers. Having an account at Hillarum, apart from short online application, we can use the loan via SMS, wherever we are. All we have to do is contact the company by calling from the phone number we provided during registration. Having an account at Zengga also reduces the time it takes to complete the application , but we don’t count on the fact that the company will grant a regular loan to regular customers based on regular repayments of the previous commitment. As we can read, the god of Zengga makes sure that her clients do not fall into a spiral of debt, so regardless of whether we are a new client of this institution or if we have already borrowed funds, the verification of our borrowing capacity will be the same.

Deleting an account at a loan company

Deleting an <a href=account at a loan company” />

The procedure for account deletion in all companies is similar. You must send a written order to delete our data. We can send such a request by traditional mail, however consultants recommend us to send such an order electronically from the e-mail address that we previously provided in the form. Some financial institutions, guided by internal policy, do not allow for re-opening an account. This means that if we decide to delete our data, we will never be able to set up a profile or take loans from a given institution. This is how Hypocredit and Zengga work, while in Hillarum it is possible to restore the account . We must send such a request by e-mail enclosing a scan of ID card and providing current contact details.

Before making the final decision regarding the removal of a Customer Profile, it is worth considering. The consequence of removing the Customer Profile is the inability to receive a quick loan in a proven company in a crisis. However, if you have already made such a decision, it is worth logging in to the Customer Panel again and downloading or printing all the contracts we have concluded with the lender. It is worth having access to such documents after deleting the profile.

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Own a car or a taxi? What pays off – Financial Tip Sun, 30 Jun 2019 15:02:32 +0000

John lives in Warsaw in the district, last year he worked as a programmer in an IT company that is located in the business center of the Moniuszki Tower. He worked remotely, but recently Jan was asked to move to the office. Sensing the charm of the morning public transport trips during rush hours, he started thinking about buying a car and tried to commute to work by taxi. But what is more profitable – a car or a taxi?

Settlement of expenses for taxi travel and for the operation of a passenger car

Settlement of expenses for taxi travel and for the operation of a passenger car

For comparison, we took the three most popular cars in Poland according to the website: Skoda Fabia, Opel Astra and Volkswagen Golf. Average fuel consumption was calculated while passing Stokłosy station to Stanisława Moniuszki street (10 km one and 10 km to the other side), average expenses for insurance, service, washing and parking in the center of Warsaw. We counted these costs and we received the total amount of expenses for the car. We compared this amount with the average Uber account for the same journey. The final amount was multiplied by 264 business days. Here are our results:

Expenses for traveling to work by car are smaller by 47-60% compared to taxi

Expenses for traveling to work by car are smaller by 47-60% compared to taxi


But if you add a car to your expenses, there will be other results. Price list of the cheapest cars (standard equipment) is:

  • Skoda Fabia 1.0 MPI MT Active – PLN 45,000.
  • Opel Astra J 1.6 MT – 50,000 PLN
  • Skoda Octavia III 1.2 TSI ACTIVE – 60,000 PLN

Car experts say that the car should be changed after 10 years. An old car can be sold for 1/3 of its value. This means that when you buy a new car, you must add 7% to your annual expenses. We will check what the amount will be:

  • Skoda Fabia 1.0 MPI MT Active – 3150 PLN
  • Opel Astra J 1.6 MT – 3500 PLN
  • Skoda Octavia III 1.2 TSI ACTIVE – 4200 PLN

To sum up annual expenses for a car, it turns out that the car is more profitable, but not much can be saved.

Taxi or used car

Taxi or used car

Of course, you can buy a used car for 15-20 thousand. zł. But in this case, the cost of its operation will be twice as high as compared to the new car.

According to Spider’s Web, the cost of servicing a new car, taking into account the costs of fuel, service and insurance, is 0.98 PLN per kilometer. However, after 6 years of operation, car expenses increase to PLN 1.91 per kilometer.

Do not forget about intangible factors when choosing a vehicle. Both the car and the taxi have their advantages.

The advantages of owning a car

  • Suitable for every trip. You can go on a trip around Poland or on holiday abroad, go to the mountains in summer.
  • Always at hand. There are times when you do not have time to wait for a taxi. When you need to go to the hospital immediately or you have several meetings in one part of the city within 1 day – the car is the perfect solution.
  • You can easily carry things. Anyone who has done repairs and ordered huge furniture and building materials at least once in his life knows how his own car can help.
  • Satisfaction with driving a car. For many people this is an important argument when buying your own car. You will never compare your fast driving with your own car and place in the back seat of a taxi.

The advantages of a taxi

  • It saves a lot of time and effort. Even an experienced driver who loves his car says that wasting time for trips to a car service, to an insurance company, searching for parking spaces is very tiring. When you order a taxi, you do not even think about it.
  • There is no need to be concentrated and sober all the time. The car owner can rest only when he returns home. When you order a taxi, you can relax. Always be aware of the sobriety of car owners. It seems a trifle, but it is not very interesting – always be the only man who does not drink at the party because you have to take your family or friends with you by car.
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